Practicing rendering using xNormal and Maya's built in Warp Image (Edit UV's -> Warp Image...). After baking the geometry I simply remapped the model straight from the front, and told Maya to render some textures to the old UV-coordinates - one for the stripes, one for the (poor) water reflections, and one for the atmospheric light making it brighter at the top.

Spaceworm assassins in three levels. Pictures may be comfusing to to clear things up - level 1 with the shoulder cannon, level two with double pistols and the final level with double pistols + shoulder cannon. Mockup meshes only.

Oh and I got to show a close up of these toys... Pretty satisfied with how they turned out. Couldn't connect the ammo belt from the gun to the crate on the back - I just couldn't make it look good, plus it would've been a pain to animate in the future.